Trends in Ad world

So I was searching the internet to discover what are the new trends in the graphics world. As a designer we need to see how the market has change and what are the new ways of keeping clients intrigued. I have noticed that some clients may be reluctant to look different and rather blend into the crowd; that where trends come out .

What I notice is:



  • First I have notice the plain gradient background is quite noticeable above. Its quite simple but it has a way of making it more appealing to the eye .



  • Hand Drawn Illustration is making a comeback. A graphic designer that can actually draw is a big asset to any company. Hand drawn artwork brings back the original ole school art into Advertising World. Now the digital art and hand drawn illustration can blend it happily.


  • Animated Gifs. Who doesn’t like it?!They add cinematography into a tiny little gif. All Social Media sites always have some funny animated gif doing something to make you laugh out.Companies are catching on that they can market in on the fun.

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