How to beat Monday Blues ( Trini-style)


1.LIME over the weekend. We live in the Caribbean ( sun , beach , beautiful people ) , start acting so….lime. The pros to this, you could blab to coworkers how super great your weekend was, they will hate you but your happy glands will be sky rocketing.

2. Keep yourself organized. Trust me with this one. Keep the personal items that you’ll need during the week by your side so you do not lose them. This way, on Monday morning, you’re not searching frantically for your lost phone, wallet, work ID. Keep your memory stick near if you still use one ….come on use dropbox! I reach to work late  ( few times lol) because I couldn’t find something in my make up bag. Flashback! Remember why your mom prepared you the night before for school , she did that for a reason.

3. Okay I did say to lime , but not TOO late into sunday night. Pace yourself if you know you’re  gonna gallivant all over the place, even try to escape to Tobago over the weekend, try to get your eight hours sleep… will keep you looking fabulous and young ( if you’re older , who say you cyah have them guessing how old you are!)

4.Eat nutritiously over the weekend. Doubles is healthy okay maybe not. If your family likes to eat out , try cooking some homemade food. Homemade food in Trinidad could result into some deadly ethnic fatigue , so try to keeping your food in the middle of the plate …… it isn’t a buffet bar. 

5. Start your Monday like Mary Poppins. Sing, smile and  take a walk. Who cares if the neighbour macos and say you’re crazy….. at least you’re happy . Take a aromatherapy shower, try out some strange body wash and sing away. Have your morning ritual breakfast meals that will boost your metabolism. Take your vitamins ( try gummy bear vitamins if you hate tablets) . Enjoy your breakfast, grabbing a drink on the run will leave you feeling rushed and ungrounded, so make time to enjoy your first beverage of the day in the comfort of your home.


If you want to be happy, be.  ~Leo Tolstoy


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