What do they all have in common ?

ws-jwi-louvres p-liam-brummit p-jonas-lekeviciusc-rubicon c-cafe-rouge c-hundredth-monkey c-pizza-hut c-bobadiliumWhat do they all have in common ?red-brain

Lady in RED

Red is probably the most powerful color for expressing moods and feelings in all types of media. It is also the greatest attention-grabbing color in it’s brightest shades. Red evokes strong emotions and encourages appetite.

Pales shades of red, ie, pink, give a very feminine and soft feel, while very deep shades of red such as crimson can express warmth and comfort as well as much more sinister emotions.

Red in mid shades can portray happiness and freedom, but of course, also blood, fury and passion.

It is difficult to associate any one meaning, mood or feeling with any particular shade of red, making it one of the most versatile colors of the spectrum, as well as the one color that has to be used in the correct shade for the message being sent to be perceived correctly.

As children we tend to favor the color red, and we prefer bright shades of red such as true red and scarlet. The reason for this is that from a very young age, red grabs our attention. As we mature, it is thought that our blossoming personalities dictate which color we favor, and if we become extroverts we are very likely to continue to favor bright red shades.

As previously mentioned, red can convey many moods, feelings and emotions. This is also true in web design, and the flexibility of red in its various shades gives it a lot to recommend it. Red is not commonly used as a main color in web design, but often serves as a complementary color in specific areas and many designers steer clear of red as a main color because of its diverse associations.


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