5 Signs you are committed to your vision



When people complain, whine, or talk about why they can’t do it right now, it drains, rather then excites your energy. The negative self-talk no longer feeds you.


You want your coaching programs to be filled. You want high paying clients. Sold out programs and live events. Great. The key word here is “want.”

When you make the shift from WANT to 100% committed to your vision, the whole universe suddenly conspires to support you. Doors fly open that you never imagined or saw.

Suddenly your life becomes filled with opportunities, experiences, and connections that seem like wild coincidences. They aren’t. They are just your own thoughts fueled by the energy of your commitment, mirroring back to you that yes, you are ready to play HUGE.

If you are experiencing these “coincidences,” it’s a sign that you are committed.


Technology meltdowns happen when it is SO important for them not to. A partnership falls through at the last minute. Cashflow is super low this month.

So many of us have been trained to see these obstacles as the markings of failure. But they’re not. They are a sign of business growing pains, which means you are committed.

Because if you weren’t, you would see them as stopping points, and you would stop.

But you don’t.

You’re a visionary, which means dealing with challenge is EXCITING! It’s how you respond to challenge and setback that distinguishes “I’m pretty successful” from “I’m a kickass business warrior blazing trails where no one has gone before.”


The right people start to show up, at just the right time.

This could take the form of a powerful mentor, leader or teacher who helps you move into the next level of power, clarity, or accomplishment. It could be the right students, clients, or subscribers who want to pay for your leadership and expertise. Or it could be partners who want to promote you.

If the right people are showing up, and their energy is supportive, you can rest assured that you are on track and use it as a reason to go even deeper in your commitment.


When you are fully committed to your vision, you begin to experience everything (“good” or “bad”) as fuel for the journey. Everything that happens assists you in becoming stronger, better, more effective…

Commitment is an internal state of being, it’s a decision that you make once and consistently reaffirm. When you stand strong in it, it’s like a lighthouse that guides all of your actions. Nothing on the “outside” has any power to sway you from your path.

And at the end of the day, that feels amazing. You are happy with what you are accomplishing, but the satisfaction actually comes from a deeper place.

Commit to your vision


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