Need help to customized your Twitter company backgrounds?

customize twiiter page

Need Help to Customized your Company Backgrounds?

Your Twitter profile header is a large background photo where you can tell a story about your business. Similar to the Facebook cover photo, your header photo appears at the top of your profile page.

You can also customize the background that people see when they visit your Twitter account. WE can create a graphic file so it matches your business branding. We will upload this image under Design in your profile settings.

It’s important that you complete your Twitter account profile completely. Each feature gives more details about your business that contribute to your business story.

Don’t miss these three important features under Profile in your account settings.
business to other Twitter users.

Here are a few important features to fill out :

  • Location

Tell people where they can find you. But remember, people may be visiting your profile from another city, state or country and won’t recognize your neighborhood or community name. Give them enough information so they can find you.

  • Website

You can share a web address with your community. You can give them your website or blog, but consider using a special Twitter landing page. This is a great way to provide additional information of interest to Twitter users looking into your business.

  • Bio.

You only get 160 characters to tell people who you are and what you do. Skip the mission statement and talk about the benefits you deliver. And add in a little personality to bring your profile to life.

Any more assistance feel free to contact Citeup @ 1 (868) 652 9084 for Social Media Assistance ( more info on our Social Media service)


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