Selfie Shoot out between Kobe & Messi


Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi reunites for another epic ad for Turkish Airlines. This time, you get to decide who is the King of Selfies.

Ch-ch-check it out!

What is a selfie?

A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. …

Everyone takes selfies, but the younger crowd seems to be especially involved in the trend – mainly because teens and the 18 to 34 demographic are heavier digital users than their older counterparts.

Some selfies are extreme close-ups, others show part of an arm held straight outward and a few of the great ones even feature the subject standing in front of a bathroom mirror so that they can get a full body shot of their reflection. There are lots of selfie styles, and these are some of the most common.

Since social media is the driving force of most selfie activity, younger kids interested in staying connected to their friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, crushes or colleages are more active in sharing selfies on a regular basis.


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